Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to call the church at 336-431-7217 for any information that you might need, but here are a few general questions that we often get asked . . .

What Are The Service Times?

We have 2 weekly worship services:

8:45 AM  Celebrate Service is our contemporary service

11:00 AM Traditional Worship is our more traditional experience.  

What's The Service Style?

CONTEMPORARY WORSHIP:  Our 8:45 AM worship service is a music-driven service that has a relaxed feel.  This is a casual service which appeals to participants of a wide variety of ages.  Learn more by clicking HERE

TRADITIONAL WORSHIP:  O.ur 11:00 AM worship service takes place in a more traditional setting, offering choir, piano and organ music and hymns.  Lear more HERE

What Do I Do With My Kids?

Mt. Vernon UMC offers nursery service during both worship services.  Additionally, we have childrens Sunday School classes available during the Sunday School hour.  All our nursery and children's class teachers have completed Safe Sanctuary training.

Can I Wear Jeans / Shorts?

You will find a broad range of styles of clothing on any given Sunday morning for both services: from very casual (shorts and t-shirt) to more formal (a suit and tie) and everything in between.  We feel that we want to give our best to God, however we also feel that our “best” is a condition of our heart, not necessarily the condition of our wardrobe.  We hope that you will find acceptance and compassion here regardless of how you choose to dress for worship.

Can I Participate In Communion?

The table of Holy Communion is “Christ’s table”, not the table of The United Methodist Church or of the local congregation. The table is open to anyone who seeks to respond to Christ’s love and to lead a new life of peace and love, as the invitation to the table says.

Our Book of Worship says, “All who intend to lead a Christian life, together with their children, are invited to receive the bread and cup. We have no tradition of refusing any who present themselves desiring to receive” (page 29). This statement means that in practice there are few, if any, circumstances in which a United Methodist pastor would refuse to serve the elements of Holy Communion to a person who comes forward to receive.

Communion is offered regularly during both the Sunday morning services and in person as needed by our Pastor or Stephen Ministry Team.

What About Baptism?

This is a special time for families to gather as parents dedicate their child to the Lord.  One of our pastors will pray over your child and present you with a certificate of dedication and a special gift for the baby. If you are interested in having your baby baptized, and desire to learn more about the significance of this experience, please contact us by clicking HERE

Do You Offer Benevolence Assistance?

For information about benevolence assistance please contact the church office at 336-431-7217. Applications are required, and guidelines are in place that govern our benevolence ministry.

Can You Provide a Funeral / Memorial Service?

We offer our facilities to our local congregation for funeral or memorial services, based on availability.  We are also able to provide pastoral support and guidance in planning the service. Contact the Church Office at 336-431-7217

Can You Visit Me In The Hospital?

If you are a part of our local congregation and become hospitalized, a member of our hospital care team can visit and pray with you at the hospital. If you would like to request a visit, please call our Church Office at 336-431-7217 or email us by clicking HERE

Can I Request Counseling?

Pastoral counseling is offered by Pastor Ken Lyon. There is no cost and confidentiality is considered to be sacred. Counseling services are available to members and regular attenders of Mount Vernon. email the Pastor by clicking HERE.

Tell Us About You

We'd love to connect with you and share more about Christ's amazing love and how it is changing our lives.   Click below if you'd like more information.

More Information

We're eager to hear from you.  Reach out to us by any means below.

Address : 9931 Archdale Road, Trinity, NC 27370

Phone : (336)-431-7217

Email : hello@mtvernonmethodist.com

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