Welcome  to  Mt. Vernon.   We're  Really  Excited  You're  Here.



Thank you for visiting the Mt. Vernon website.   We hope you'll find something here that interests you and leads you to want to know more about us, and about the awesome God that we serve.

For over 138 years people have found connection to Christ and connection with each other through this remarkable faith community. While you can see the attractive facilities on the outside our greatest gift is what is offered through the warm inviting spirit of our people. This is a community of Christ that graciously and freely shares their love of Christ and love for people in deeply impactful ways in the church and through the church to the larger community.

Children and youth find it a place to become and to belong in an environment of encouragement and fun. “Seasoned” adults are honored and valued for their wisdom and experience as all of us make life’s journey together under the canopy of God’s grace.

We hope we will get the privilege of serving you when you find the occasion to visit one of our two unique worship services.  We want to connect with you and find out how we can make you feel welcomed.   It's our genuine desire to share with you the love and close fellowship we have together as a close-knit family of believers at Mount Vernon.

Both our services services have messages that honor the Biblical witness and hone practical application for our living in an ever changing and complex world.

Come, check out what God is up to at Mt. Vernon. 

Open Doors.   Open Hearts.   Open Minds.

Tell Us About You

We'd love to connect with you and share more about Christ's amazing love and how it is changing our lives.   Click below if you'd like more information.

More Information

We're eager to hear from you.  Reach out to us by any means below.

Address : 9931 Archdale Road, Trinity, NC 27370

Phone : (336)-431-7217

Email : hello@mtvernonmethodist.com

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